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C690 | 3U VPX Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Marvell® Prestera® 98DX4122 Controller

Aitech’s C690 is a high-performance 3U VPX integrated managed Gigabit Ethernet and PCI Express Switch for embedded and harsh environment applications. Managed switching of up to eight Gigabit Ethernet ports is performed by the Marvell® Prestera® 98DX4122 Gigabit Ethernet Switch Controller and Marvell’s Routing OS.

An embedded web server provides a convenient and intuitive graphical switch
management interface via a web browser. Command line switch management is also supported over network and RS-232 connections.

  • Rugged 3U VPX Single-Slot Integrated Managed GbE and PCIe Gen2 Switch Gigabit Ethernet Switch – Layer 2 and Layer 3 Management
  • Full Wire-Speed Non-Blocking Forwarding
  • Three standard port configurations
    8 x 1000Base-BX/KX
    6 x 1000Base-BX/KX + 2 x 1000Base-T
    5 x 1000Base-T
  • PCIe Gen2 Switch
  • Six PCIe x4 Ports (default configuration)
  • User Configurable as up to 20 Ports
  • Low Latency Cut-Through Architecture
  • Transparent/Non-Transparent Support
  • OpenVPX (VITA 65) Compliant
  • Board Resources
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Elapsed Time Recorder
  • Real Time Clock
  • Power Monitor
  • Built-In Test Support
  • Conduction and Air-Cooled Versions
  • 2LM Option per VITA 48.2
  • Vibration and Shock Resistant

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