Ai-RIO | SFF Remote I/O Subsystem

The Ai-RIO is an extremely high density, low power rugged sub-system that provides exceptional, user-specific functionality.  This compact unit occupies very little space in a variety of aerospace, defense and military applications.

It is ideally suited for vehicle platform flight control, attitude and navigation controls, servo-valve and thrust vector control (TVC), robotic motor control, video and image processing and storage, data telemetry, platform stabilization, communications and telematics, high speed data recorders, booster and launch propulsion and thruster control, remote sensor and effector monitoring and much more.

  • Ai-RIO™ – Space-qualified Remote I/O Interface Unit with Mil & Aerospace Options
  • Easily Expandable and Scalable Intelligent RIO/RIU with Dual-core PowerPC Processor
  • Minimum Ai-RIO System Contains One Power Supply Module and CPU Module
  • Additional I/O and Features Expansion by Adding Standardized SFF Module “Slices”
  • High Performance with Extremely Low Power Dissipation, <12W (typ)
  • Powerful I/O Capability, includes:
  • One (1) Gb Ethernet port with IEEE-1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP)
  • Ten (10) RS-422 Serial Ports, 2 RS-422 only, 8 RS-422/485
  • Eight (8) additional LVDS or RS-422/485 serial UARTs or four (4) SpaceWire ports with LVDS I/O
  • Two (2) CANbus ports
  • Sixteen (16) 3.3V LVCMOS GPIO Lines
  • One 1PPS port for Timing Synchronization
  • On-board Temperature Sensors
  • On-board A/D Voltage & Current Monitoring with Built In Test (BIT) for High Reliability
  • 28VDC Input Power (18 to 36V)
  • Options for micro-DSub or Compact Mil-D-38999 “Mighty Mouse” type Front- or Side-Mount Panel Connectors
  • Linux and VxWorks 6.9 RTOS Support
  • Stand-alone RIU Command & Response Operation with Aitech’s RIO-NET™ Software
  • Available in 100% Software Compatible, Air-Cooled Series 100 for Software Development
  • Conduction-Cooled Qual and Flight Units, Series 200 and 500
  • Radiation Tolerant Versions for LEO, MEO and Select GEO Missions

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